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Welcome to PE

My name is Misti Money and this is my 18th year of teaching. I taught 17 years in 3rd & 4th grades, as a classroom teacher. This year I decided to make a big change and switch over to Physical Education! I am thrilled about this opportunity to make a change and grow as an educator in a new way! 
My biggest reason in making such an extreme decision at this level in my career is because I believe strongly that PE is more than just being healthy physically. It is about being healthy physically, mentally, socially, & emotionally. I also want to help kids understand that we don't all look like models, we aren't all skinny, and we all have stress that must be properly managed. I also hope to teach them that you are never too old to try something new! I am excited to help your child create and reach personal all around fitness goals, so they can live a long, healthy life! 
I look forward to a fun & fabulous year of learning as a team! 
On Monday & Tuesday I serve students at Stoner Thomas School. 
I am based at Brown Middle School teaching Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy every Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. 
You can reach me at: mmoney@davidson.k12.nc.us or 336-242-5724