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About Me:

Hi!  My name is Mr. Sprayberry and I'll be you or your student's ELA teachers.  I'm entering my 12th year of education, so I'm not exactly new to the education game.  I went to UNC Greensboro and received a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History.  After graduating, I began my teaching career at Lexington Middle School.  Years later I decided to take my skills back to my home and signed up to teach at Central Davidson Middle School. 
About 2 years ago I began making educational videos for my social studies classes and posting them on YouTube.  Then the pandemic hit.  After a year and a half of Covid, I saw just how exciting and intriguing online education could be.  I wanted to try virtual teaching out full time and transferred over to DCSVA and I couldn't be happier about giving this a shot.  
Here's some random fact about me. 
  • I have a 2-year-old son. 
  • I love reading comic books for fun. 
  • My favorite TV show is the original Transformers. 
  • I've seen all of the Marvel movies at least 4 times.
  • I have 1 dog.  He's a German Shepard and Husky mix. 
  • I have a rabbit. 
  • I drink a lot of coffee...I mean A LOT of coffee.